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COVID: Children are at NEAR ZERO RISK.

COVID infection survival rate for children is 99.9997%

"Politicians and doctors still pushing COVID-19 vaccines are a complete disgrace"

Have you received your SEVENTH injection yet? That’s what the US Government wants you to do. The White House is now recommending a fifth covid-19 booster shot. Dr. Scott Atlas: “I don’t know if we’ve elected the dumbest people in the country to be in charge or what’s happening here, but, we have a country that now recommends a booster for everyone over six months of age with an experimental drug. This just makes zero sense. The two companies with these new so-called vaccines: one of them was never tested in humans, just mice; the other one was tested without any clinical response data that a normal vaccine would be tested with. Our peer nations in Western Europe, most of them don’t even recommend these vaccines for people under 20 and that’s been the situation for almost two years now. We’re one of the only countries. I mean this is really a disgrace and a frightening one at that. Alex Berenson was quoting the CDCs own data, he said one million mRNA Covid shots for teens will prevent ZERO to ONE covid deaths and cause between 100,000 and 200,000 severe side effects. When you’re a parent, you have a child, your job is to protect your child. What these people, our bureaucrats say, is nonsense.”

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The vast majority of children who experience COVID illness have mild symptoms and uneventful outcomes. All medications and vaccines have potential risks that must be carefully weighed against the benefits that they offer to prevent illness. We believe children should NOT be endangered through mass vaccination against a disease not dangerous to them. The vaccine offers no benefit and only offers unnecessary risk and potentially serious harms.

Age-stratified infection fatality rate of COVID-19 in the non-elderly population

Link to study:

The Kids are safe.

They always have been safe.

Nutrition & Health Resources

Lore of Nutrition:
Challenging Conventional Dietary Beliefs

by Dr. Tim Noakes, Marika Sboros

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Amazon review by Tabby1963: “I started researching the idea of eliminating processed foods, limiting carbohydrates, and upping fats back in January 2016 when an online friend was doing really well with it. I was baffled to be honest and thought she was crazy. I mean, eating fat to lose fat is ridiculous, isn’t it? And carbs! I love my carbs and can’t imagine living without my sweet treats and my bread treats. Anyway, my research took me to the vast “online” where I found many, many people like me (obese, aching, miserable, desperate to lose weight but failing for decades) who had found an answer that worked for them. So, come March 2016 I committed to trying LCHF (Low Carb, Healthy Fat) for one month. Also known as Banting in some countries, after the man (William Banting) who wrote a book in 1863 about cutting down on carbs to lose weight and improve health. I am still eating LCHF today, some 20 months later. Why? Because it works. Today I am a “normal” weight, wearing “normal sized” clothes which I buy in normal shops (not the outsize ones). I have no aches anywhere, take no medication whatsoever and have no depression either. All I did was cut out processed foods, sugary things, bread and starch. I still eat protein (offal, meat, fish, cheese etc) and veg (grown above ground, green mostly) and natural unprocessed fats; olive oil, lard, cream, coconut oil and butter. I only need to eat twice or sometimes once a day because I am never hungry and haven’t had the need for a snack between these meals since I began. Wow!”

Amazon review by John Anthony: If you want to learn about the science behind healthy eating, this is a great book. If you also would like to know why you have been misinformed by the establishment about what constitutes healthy eating and why, and how the establishment will go to extraordinary lengths to continue to misinform us to protect their revenue stream, then this book will tell you in vivid detail. Fascinating reading, page turner, better than fiction.

Tips to KEEP your kids HEALTHY

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It's NOT a vaccine

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