Take Action for Kids

Take Action for Kids

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

~ Margaret J. Wheatley

We are a collaborative initiative concerned about the health, education and other issues that impact our children. The resources herein will highlight professional and public opinions of the risks and benefits associated with the current policies. Our goal is to provide information to individuals to make informed decisions and take actions they deem necessary for children. A database has been created to guide users through studies, videos, articles and other documents along with a resource hub to review medical rights and freedoms, informed consent for minors and education alternatives. We also have partners and advisors who have generously donated their time to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Parent Testimonials
“The indoctrination was increasingly obvious”

What is school?
“The school system is now a centralized, bureaucratic fortress …”

1. Kentucky to prevent students from getting a COVID-19 shot.
2. Anti-drag bills introduced in at least 14 states.

“We have a right and an obligation and a responsibility to make our own decisions for how we want to live, how we want our children to grow up. We should never, NEVER give that right up to Authorities.”

~ Vera Sharav, Holocaust Survivor.

Incest and Child Rape Book being promoted in Canadian school libraries. This disturbing revelation is discussed by Odessa Orlewicz and Pierre Barns (note that the video contains explicit and disturbing images).

British girl explains Globalism

"I will not be injected, I will not wear a mask"