Being Treated Inhumanely

I have 5 children, school aged and post-secondary, who are all being
affected by the vaxxport. Older ones are required to swab in order to go
to school and by January 2nd that will no longer be an option to attend
class/labs on campus. The kids are being ostracized by friend groups
wanting to eat out or attend events. Teens at high school are being told
to hurry up and eat so they can put their masks back on, or ushered
outside like cattle to eat in cold if they are not in their ticketed
location during lunch hour. My husband and I can no longer watch them
play sports and we are concerned that even their affidavits for
conscious and religious beliefs will be blocked. I am home schooling my
youngest child for fear that she will be harassed/discriminated and
coerced to get the jab at school. This is a step away from communism and
it has to stop… especially since there’s no real science to back any
of the measures that are being implemented and people, in a democratic
society, should never be treated so inhumanly.