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Canadians are more divided than any other time in our country’s history. Now, more than ever, we need to focus on what we have in common: we all want what’s best for our children and the decision to vaccinate our teens, our kids and our babies is a big one.

Some of us believe that vaccinating our kids right away is the best way to protect them while protecting others. Some of us think that taking a little more time to research possible side effects is the best approach. We believe that the best way forward is discussing all of the available information so we can make informed decisions. Informed consent is the single most important medical tool that we have available.

Throughout the site you will find information that has been published by some of the world’s top scientists and leading physicians. Browse through videos, articles and research papers that present unbiased facts and data surrounding the COVID19 vaccine and children. Our goal is to give you direct access to the often underrepresented side of the debate on whether or not to vaccinate your child.

Some of you will see this information and decide to wait while you do more research. Some of you will decide that you do not agree with this information and proceed to vaccination. That is how informed consent works; making a decision based on all the information available to you.

We are not hiding the fact that we feel the covid injection is not the best course of action for children. However, we aren’t here to try to change your mind, we are simply here to offer both sides of the scientific debate. Our main goal is to help empower you to make the decision that is right for you and your child.




We want to ensure that every parent in Canada is properly equipped to make an informed decision about injecting their kids. Our main goal is to put an end to pushing and administering high risk experimental products on children by the media and politicians.


“Sacrificing the young with the false excuse of protecting the old is MADNESS
~Dr. Mark Trozzi


Some of you will come to the conclusion that not only is experiential mRNA not the best solution but it is actually dangerous for our children. You want to help spread the word but don’t know where to start. We’ve got you covered. Please click here to get going.


If your child or teen has been injured by the mRNA injection please help us warn other parents. Add your name to the CCCA Vaxxtracker  and the OpenVaxAction Tracker



Teen Girl Paralyzed from Vaccine

Whistle blower “Nurse Smith’ shares her story about caring for a teenage girl who is vaccine injured. A previously young healthy girl is now paralyzed form the waist down and may not survive.